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tv   [untitled]    December 11, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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our board of student delegates, including windy and megan. i have seen some remarkable students come through here as student delegates and if i had more time i would rattle their names off as accomplishments and the student advisory council has grown from struggling eight years ago to a very remarkable group, who is always coming up with new ideas as a group. thank you to all the students an to the teachers and support staff the without them, the student accomplishments would not have happened. all of these groups contribute to the welfare of our educators.
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these same groups support teachers to promote themselves or to move to another position as administrators, encouraging them. the best administrators in my mind in the districts are former teachers. and without that, we wouldn't have a core of people that understand what happens in the classroom. the administrators, again, i want to thank all the administrators, in particular this new batch in the last few years have been very, very focused, providing opportunities, leadership and giving the services and really focusing and asking what is necessary to move the bar? the principals, all the way to the central office, very important. to me it's been so rewarding to be able to work with them, and for them to respond to things and for us to be on the same page and saying we do care about kids and let's see what we can do to improve things.
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also superintendents, i have had the luxury of ushering basically three different people to run the district. and i think that is what has made the real big differences in the leadership that they provided whether it was gwen chang or carlos garcia and now presently richard carranza. i would say again to my colleagues and the school board, it's been a real pleasure to work with people. we don't always agree. we don't necessarily think that we have to go in the same direction -- not the same direction, but for us to have our arguments and overall i always felt every single one of you have cared about what
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happens to students, have cared about our staff, and that because of the common ground we are able to work with leadership and the rest of the people that i just described to move us further along. i really, really appreciate the way we have been working for the -- at least the last four years, the last eight years, moving from one level to another. we're at the level where we can sit down and discuss and agree and come up with consensus. and you know something? that just does not happen on every school board. so we should all be proceed of that and i want to acknowledge matt haney for coming into this family of elected school board members and hopefully you will get the spirit of all of this. and i would say one last -- not last thing, but one more
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thing. the last six months, i have to say that it's been a political process. there was a lot of tensions and i'm real thankful that my three colleagues who were running for re-election are re-elected. they won re-election pretty readily despite opposition. i just want to say one thing about this, let's move on and really all focus. focus on our students and just move on. i hope to continue my interest in supporting our public schools despite all the range of new issues, i must respond to at city hall.
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just one sad thing and i wish i had a little more time to accomplish -- it's going to be on tonight's agenda as first reading. it's an opportunity for us to make a statement that we do care about people who live in the city. we do care about people who stay in the city and we do care about people, in particular, people of minority businesses and businesses run by women in the city to have opportunities to take advantage -- not take advantage, but opportunities to earn the money that us the residents in san francisco put into for our facilities bond measure. so this one sad thing and i won't be able to vote on even though i'm a co-author and hopefully people see the light in that approach of supporting, in particular, everybody in san francisco, but in particular minority and women businesses.
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i will stop at that. i just want to thank you for indulging me and letting me say something. and hopefully, in the future it's not like i'm going to walk away from public education. i love public education. i have been at it for almost 40 years now in terms of public education. and thank you very much. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> commissioner norton? >> i want to thank you for those words and i don't feel it's goodbye. we'll be seeing you all the time, maybe more than you want to see us. [ laughter ] thank you for your service. >> commissioner mendoza? >> thank you. so norman, eight years goes by quickly,
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but the moments that i know that went by slowly and you have always been diligent and present and committed to your values. and i think your integrity speaks volumes and i think you will bring it over to city hall and i'm looking forward to working with you at city hall as well. i was thinking a little bit when i think about you and some of the pieces that i will miss. i will miss your salsa dancing, which i was never invited to, but i heard that you are every time we did have an opportunity whether it was here or in other cities, you managed to find salsa, because that is part of who you are. i think a lot about our time at harvard and the work we did alongside commissioner wynns. i think about your daughters and i think that those of us who are parents on the school board, there is a sacrifice
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that comes along with being in public service to our families. and to see your daughters doing as wonderfully and, as well as they are and coming into public service themselves, i think you have been an incredible role-model not only to us, but to your own children. and then you have been the lone male for the last two yearsp [ laughter ], commissioner haney, you are going to feel his pain. i think you handled that well. you have had experience at home with your daughters and wife, but you have always been extremely respectful to everyone's opinions and stuck to your grounds. there is one piece that i really want to honor. you almost lost your life, and you did not give up on your life, nor did you give up on your commitment to public service.
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and i think that despite this of the challenges you went through, you came through. you are healthy. you have the same passion and commitment to serve our kids. and i think you will do an incredible job for the city. so from the bottom of my heart congratulations, and thank you for your incredible eight years. >> thank you. [ applause ] [ applause ] >> commissioner murase? >> yes, i want to congratulate you and your family for your election victory. you are now my supervisor, so i get to knock on your door. i think once a teacher, always a teacher and whether it was at the preschool level or any level you have always been a great teacher and you have been a teacher and mentor for me. i really thank you for that and one of the big lessons that i take away from your mentorship is how to be a bridge-builder
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and how to build consensus and how to be colleaguial, despite difference of opinions. so i really thank you for that and i'm not going to say goodbye. i'm going to say see you soon. >> so i just wanted to also offer my congratulations. no. 1 and not just to you, but to your family because i know it is a family effort in anything that you do, and that is because you really instilled in your daughters and your wife as a partner, your love of community, and people. and from the moment we met, where it was a strange conversation, just meeting each other for the first time in a coffee shop several years ago, so every conversation we have had since then, it's always intriguing, if nothing else to
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commune with you either at home or in this room or in closed session or out in the world, you and i have been lots of places and often times at your invitation and i want to thank you for that, just offering that perspective through your lens. and for you being willing to see all that we do through my lens. congratulations norman. >> thank you. >> commissioner wynns? >> thank you, i just wanted to thank you for your service. i think i'm the only person here who has been here the whole eight years you have been here. >> you have been longer than that. >> i know, but he don't think anybody else was here eight years ago, but me, still on the board. so i appreciate your service and we have actually known each other almost 30 years for advocates of children for san francisco public
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schools. so i value your friendship and that we have been able to be colleagues in a variety of ways which i expect will continue. and i particularly want to commend you for your dedication to the children of san francisco, and for the work we have been able to do together, from my point of view, actually the sort of one man or two in the middle of a big group of women is my life. because i come from a family with four sisters and one brother, three sisters and one brother, and other generations of my family were similar. so it just seemed the natural thing to me and i appreciate that you have been able to serve in that role extremely well, working with all of us. i will miss you here. and i expect to continue to see you often and to work together. thank you. >> thank you. >> i just want to thank the
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audience for taking the few moments and indulging myself. let's move on. >> are you sure? >> yes. let's go. item d, student delegates' report. >> so for our past meetings we have reviewed and gave recommendations to mr. truette on the memorandum of understanding. we also after two long years of hard work with the youth commission and the ssc, muni has passed it and lastly our new representative from ida b. wells, representative at the community tasting and thought that the food was much better and more healthy and we support revolutionary foods for the bid. >> we also recently met with and gave recommendations to
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associate superintendent janet schultz on how to assist with outreach at the community meetings that the sfusd helps families understand the a-g requirements. we have an announcement. we will be giftwraping for donations at the dsw on 400 post street to compensate for some of the money that the ssc program lost because of budget cuts. so please come and support us december 22-23. >> thank you megan and windy. december 22 and 23 where again? >> dsw at 400 post street. the entrance is on powell. >> what is going on those two days? >> we're just having a
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>> giftwraping. >> if i may, president yee, i wanted to ask sac if you could help us bet the word out about the free muni applications and perhaps work together with janet schultz and the other associate superintendents about how we can reach as many students as possible at school sites? thank you very much. >> okay. item e, parent advisory committee pac report representative. >> >> good evening superintendent carranza, president yee and commissioners. my name is gloria and a member of the parent advisory committee and parent of two children and i wanted to extend my congratulations to all the
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achievements presented earlier today with staff and schools and our representatives. so thank you for your hard work and dedication. and for your commitment. i wanted it make comments on several areas that the pac has worked on. pac will continue conducting some community conversations when asked. the pac is considering expanding its work with restorative practice by promoting the parent component of the whole school implementation. and the project team wants to look at how parents are being brought into the implementation process of restorative practices at the three demonstration schools and the focus schools. where practice parent is in place and the pac hopes to share successful strategies that the schools are currently using to inform familis about
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restorative practices and be able to engage them in [-eurpblts/]ing implementing the process. we want to be able to create a parent- friendly material guide that parents can use on an everyday use to explain what restorative practices are. and so also i wanted to be able to update on the a-g requirements, some pac members are now participating on the new graduation requirements task forth at the last meeting november 28th, they identified short-term and long-term goals and now we are very encouraged with the short-term and long-term goals, but we're concerned the fact of numbers of student graduations, but happy to be working with
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partners. pac is committed to work with the district partners to address any barriers of graduation that impact any significant number of students. and the pac a-g project team will determine where to best align our efforts. ultimately we want to support student achievement, especially with those areas of affected. i did want to share something very exciting. the pac was invited to have a representative at the community tasting panel last month. and i was there for the tasting. and we were able provide it comments on the appearance of the food, the taste, texture and overall appeal of the food. and the pac aappreciates being included in important, key decisions that are being used
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to affect so many students. and over the years, student nutrition has been one of the areas for pac. so we were super pleased to be able to be there in the evaluation process. i just have to share that my daughter, i pack everyday lunches for my children. they do not like school lunches and i wanted to share i was going to be on the panel. and they were super excited and this morning my daughter said i want a lunch. well, you said that the lunches were going to be better next year. so i'm going to see next year, mom. and maybe i will get school lunches. so for me, that makes me happy, because she is actually listening to what i am saying. [ laughter ] and she hopefully will be able to look next year at the lunches and see that she wants to also participate with her friends and eat at least once a week would help me.
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and i feel good with the choices we were able to evaluate that day. that is it. any questions or comments? >> seeing none, thank you, gloria. >> next item is item f, public comment on consent items. so i have several people that want to speak tonight. and we'll give you two minutes each. [ reading speakers' names ]
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>> good evening ladies and gentlemen, and congratulations, president yee on your election. congratulations to everyone, but i think we covered the rest of you the last time we were here. i would like you to turn for a moment to page 71, the personnel, specifically the matter of separations. so soon? [laughter ] you wish. standing here next to me is
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katharine olsen, the 10th on the list under "separations." katharine is a new teacher at spring valley and as the letter that she will hand over to deliver to you will attest miss olsen suffered the frustration and all that that beginning teachers often do and didn't know where to tush turn and it was suggested that she just get out and she resigned. and she rescinded it. you know and we know you have threedaes to withdraw that kind of decision and she acted immediately the next day. so she expects that decision to be rescinded. she essentially put this in for
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the 16th of november and when she rescinded she continued to work through to the 30th and she was told she would not be brought back after the 30th and her resignation would be counted as working from that time. we're here tonight to ask you to re-consider this issue. miss olsen has initiated the desire to rescind the resignation she turned in and she has done it in a timely fashion. she has followed all the procedures that she was anticipated to follow. the district in the meantime has failed to follow one of its contractual requirements and that is to notify the union within 24 hours of a resignation. the union has not in any notice of this except from miss olsen and the concern that has been caused. so i ask you to please, when -- i know you
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usually don't look at these or talk about them and they just fly by, but please when it comes before you, please consider page 71,10th person on the list of separations and please consider that there is either an error of some kind or something is wrong here, because miss olsen has specifically, formally and legally required to have this intent to resign rescinded. thank you very much. >> thank you. so item g consent calendar. is there a motion and second on the consent calendar? >> move the consent calendar.
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>> second. >> okay. any items withdrawn for correction by the superintendent? >> good evening, commissioners. there are two items. first remove item 2j, page 31. that is 12-12-c2 from consent calendar. it will be taken up for action at a special meeting being held next week. the next is correction to page 71. item 4a. 1212-11f13. and it's the 10th name on the list. effective date should be 11/30/2012 and not 11/17/2012. >> anything items removed by
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the board? commissioner maufas? >> i would like some guidance on item 4a121-11-f1-f14 page 71 on 11f13, the tenth name on the list. how do we remove this? is this the item that we're removing for discussion? >> i believe you can severe severe for discussion. >> i'm looking at this document. >> it can be receivered for discussion and if it's a personnel matter we may have to agendize that for closed session. >> thank you very much.
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>> any others, vice president norton? >> yes, page 14 1, k. it startsing on page 140, not 141. >> roll call. >> commissioner maufas. >> thank you, president yee. i wanted to announce and declare that i am an employee of oaks children center and i will refrain from any discussion and abstain on voting on items k4 and k26 and at that time i will leave the room. thank you. >> thank you. roll call vote -- another one?
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>> commissioner? >> i would like sever k5. >> >> superintendents proposal, none tonight. board members proposal, none tonight. j, request to speak regarding general matters. there are several speakers who will get two minutes each. before we get started with this section, again, when we are
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discussing general matters, we do not use any individual's names. thank you. [ reading speakers' names ] go ahead and press the button and state your name. >> my name is jay cossac and i'm counselor at george washington high school. and i have some comments. i am tain


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